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We are so excited to announce that the creators of STAND Week have joined forces with White Ribbon Week, Fight the New Drug, and Raise, to offer an engaging and comprehensive K-12 media safety program for students. This program, called Safe Tech Solutions, empowers all students and parents to thrive in today's digital world.

As part of Safe Tech Solutions, STAND Week has been newly revised with a 4-year rotating set of programs, so students w
ill see new content each year! 

Contact us to learn more. 

  • STAND Week

    Every year
    New and improved 4-year-rotation! Students will see new STAND Week content each year!
    • Comprehensive Training and Orientation
    • Ongoing Support
    • Digital Assets
    • Best Practices Recommendations
    • Parenting Guide & Resources

Plans will automatically renew unless canceled. To purchase for an entire district at a reduced cost, or for elementary and high school programming, go to

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