Which STAND Week theme do you feel is most important?

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Monday's theme, "I will STAND UP, look up, and be present, prioritizing real relationships over screens," helps youth think twice about their screen time. It reminds them to put their devices down and have real, in-person interactions with others.

Tuesday's theme, "I will STAND OUT by being true to myself in person and online," addresses many harms of social media and helps youth resist peer pressure and have self-confidence.

Wednesday's theme, "I will STAND FOR positive media, valuing the dignity of myself and others," shines a light on the harms of sexual exploitation. It helps youth avoid degrading themselves and others through sharing nudes or participating in pornography.

Thursday's theme, "I will STAND WITH those who are alone, excluded, or vulnerable," addresses cyberbullying. It gives youth confidence to include those who might be marginalized and creates a defense against self-harm and suicide.

Friday's theme, "I will STAND NOW and choose to be a leader of positive technology," broadly helps youth see what a force for good technology can be. If they choose, they can use their devices to make the world a better place.