Every day at lunch students will be invited to participate in a poll. All questions will be true or false and will relate to the STAND Message of the day. The questions will help students reflect on where they STAND on media use. Answers will also help parents and educators understand relevant issues related to media safety. Questions can be discreetly answered by placing a dry bean in a ballot box marked TRUE or FALSE. 

Monday - screen time

1. My family has rules for screen time.

2. I feel my mood change after spending time on a screen.

3. I have felt lonely in a group of people who were all looking at screens.

Tuesday - social media, peer pressure

1. I have a social media account my parents don’t know about.

2. I have friends online I don’t know in person.

3. I always tell the truth online.

Wednesday - inappropriate/objectifying media, human trafficking

1. I have seen things online that have made me feel uncomfortable.

2. I feel comfortable talking to a parent about anything I see online.

3. I have shared things online I would never show my parents.

Thursday - cyberbullying, suicide

1. I have witnessed cyberbullying.

2. I have been cyberbullied.

3. If I saw someone being cyberbullied, I would do something to help.

Friday - positive technology use

1. I can help my friends make safe choices online.

2. I have the power to use technology to make the world a better place.

3. I feel empowered to use media in a healthy way.

STAND Week © 2019 is a project of End Exploitation Montana, a 501c3 nonprofit corporation EIN 84-3086711