STAND Challenges

The STAND Events that happen at school have the power to influence students through constructive social proof and encourage a positive unified atmosphere regarding healthy technology, but the power of what STAND Week promotes at home cannot be overstated. In addition to giving parents/guardians access to a Media Safety Video, STAND Week encourages communication between students and their parents/guardians.

Every day students are given STAND Challenges to take home and complete with a parent/guardian. They each contain three talking points and one small writing assignment that opens a dialogue on the STAND Message of the day.

Students who bring back their signed STAND Challenges will be entered to win a significant prize the following day. Suggested prizes include hydroflasks, gift cards, Van shoes, and more. 

STAND Challenges (printed on quarter sheets) will be distributed by the last period teachers to each student.

Students will return STAND Challenge forms to drop boxes that are set up at each entrance of the school.

STAND Week © 2019 is a project of End Exploitation Montana, a 501c3 nonprofit corporation EIN 84-3086711