Monday Announcement

The following script will be read by a student leader over the intercom on Monday morning. Similar scripts are provided for each day of the week. The personal example (yellow section) will be customized by a student leader. STAND Music (listen above) will play in the background of the Monday-Friday morning announcements. 



WELCOME: (play background theme song) Good morning! Welcome to STAND Week! To STAND means to maintain your position, and not back down. This week we’re going to talk about where we can stand on media use. Where do you STAND on screen time?


TRUTH BOMB: TRUTH BOMB!! (play bomb sound effect) Did you know that too much screen time is related to sleep problems, depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, low attention span, and lots of other problems? So screen time can be great, but too much is no good.


PERSONAL EXAMPLE: (Student Leaders, write your own script by answering this question: What is an example of how screen time has interfered with your relationships?)


EXAMPLE: I don’t know about all of you, but I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I love connecting with my friends, but I hate when people ignore me because they’re on their phones


CALL TO ACTION: So starting now, I will STAND UP, look up, and be present, prioritizing real relationships over screens. Who’s with me?


REMINDERS: Now who wants to win some prizes?? Come find us at lunch today to find out how!! Also who wants to win a __________(hydroflask)? Just bring back the STAND Challenge your  _______ (last period) teachers will be giving you to be entered! And remember to remind your parents or guardians to do their STAND Homework so you can win _________________ (class pizza party?).

Today’s STAND Message is I will STAND UP, look up, and be present, prioritizing real relationships over screens.

STAND Week © 2019 is a project of End Exploitation Montana, a 501c3 nonprofit corporation EIN 84-3086711