STAND Week encourages youth to be leaders of positive technology use and empowers youth and their families to be safe from the harms of screen time, social media, objectifying content, cyberbullying, and more.


Media Safety program for 11-14 year olds

Each day of the week a new concept is introduced including relationships, cyberbullying, screen time, objectifying content, and leadership.

Peer-to-peer program run by student leaders

Student leaders make daily announcements, facilitate activities throughout the week, and encourage participation from their peers, unifying schools.

Empowers youth to make healthy media choices

The principals taught each day encourage individual growth and positive personal choices with media use that will impact youth for a lifetime.

Facilitates important discussions

The parent education component  encourages an open-dialogue on essential issues between students and their parents/guardians.

STAND Week © 2019 is a project of End Exploitation Montana, a 501c3 nonprofit corporation EIN 84-3086711