Sara, 13

I think media makes people think about others wrong and they start to think that’s how it is in real life when it’s really not.

Barrett, 14

Sometimes when people are on their phones, they aren’t aware of what’s around them and I’ll say their name but they’re so caught up in it and they don’t hear me.

Trilisha, 12

If you see someone else with a bunch of "likes" on social media, you might think you are worse and change your personality.

Meyers, 13

You get addicted, even though there are games that may help you learn, there are still things that may cut you off from the world.

What harms of media do you see?

Sonia, 12

Spread goodness and share positive messages.

Dax, 11

I can connect with friends and family that live far away.

Megan, 13

Learn new and exciting information and have the ability to share it with others.

Cade, 14

I can share good things faster, I can also use technology as a tool to help others.

How can you use technology to have a positive impact on the world?

Maddie, 13

The program was a good reminder of what to do when something bad happens on a device.

Brevin, 11

It helped me feel better about myself and want to go out and explore the world.

Hailey, 11

It helped me remember to be careful when I am on media devices.

Tristan, 14

I loved the messages of the day. Each one gave me something new to apply and work on in my life.

How did STAND week empower you to make positive choices online?


There is an unlimited amount of access to things kids are not, and should not, be prepared for. This includes everything from pornography to bullying to violence.


I worry about the ease with which they can access anything, how quickly they become attached and how difficult it is to set limits and boundaries.


Our youth are vulnerable in getting into damaging relationships on the internet. Others are out there “grooming” elementary and middle-school children or teens.


Mainly the addictive nature and easy access to pornography. Also, my kids relying on social media for their self-esteem.

What concerns do you have about youth and technology?


Whether we like it or not, technology is a way of life. The best way to solve a problem is through education and support.


Constantly being connected is a new frontier in the history of humankind. How we use it will effect generations to come.


It is something that we can't ban or avoid. Being immersed in technology and media is their world. I think we need to learn how to make it as positive and respectful and responsible as possible.


I am not sure guardians are completely aware of the risks and are uncertain of how to set limits and educate their children of the dangers. I believe it's important for youth to gain this same understanding so they are informed consumers of the media they are accessing on a daily basis.

Why do you feel media safety education is important for youth and their parents/guardians?

What is your favorite part of STAND week?


I appreciate that the program is led by students, for their peers!


I love the messages that are being used to educate kids about media use.


I appreciate the incorporation of educating both parents and youth and encouraging conversation between them. The absolute best were the activities that not only educate the students, but get them thinking. 


I loved the emphasis on educating parents and giving them so much encouragement and responsibility.

What is your favorite part of STAND week?